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“At Miracles Of Mind we believe in the power of Love.
We believe in every ones ability to think with God,
live according to His Laws…and become Happy, Healthy & Free.”

Hey Beautiful Soul!

I am glad you’re here. My name is Britney Shawley. I am Founder of Miracles of Mind Ministry and totally committed to inner and global peace. I am also partner to Tom, Mom to Ella, and am blessed with what I feel is one of the most important jobs on the planet.  I have the mission of changing lives through A Course in Miracles and through conflict resolution software, as well as  rebranding Jesus 🙂 I did not grow up Christian or Catholic or Religious at all though, which makes my story a curious one.  I did have a profound spiritual experience in 2009 that changed the direction of my whole life towards Love and Purpose. I then had an experience in Maui Hawaii with Jesus, and I dedicated my life to Him and doing my part for Peace for All. I then progressed from being a hypnotherapist and life coach to a teacher of A Course in Miracles and Spiritual Psychotherapist led by Him.  I now preach how important it is that we learn to train our minds and release our judgments and fears, so that we can “give as we want to receive” and “teach peace to learn it”.  I want us to come together and be at peace and bring this peace to our world for future generations to be blessed by. Join me (as Jesus in the Course says) in the Great Crusade!! I am grateful to be on this path with you. Stay Connected with me:

“Teach Only Love for that is what you are”

A Course in Miracles

My YouTube Channel

I started on YouTube in 2010 after I was told, in meditation, that it was time to teach what I was learning.  I recorded all 365 lessons from A Course in Miracles in 2013, and since I have made hundreds of related videos. I took a few years off of teaching to become a mom and business owner and learn how to apply the Course to real life. I now share practical ways to bring miracles and love into our minds, relationships and world.   Subscribe to me on YouTube. I look forward to seeing you there! 

“As He sent me to you, so will I send you to others. But I will go to them with you, so we can teach them union and peace.” – Jesus / A Course in Miracles

Living with Jesus Podcast

on Youtube

The “Living with Jesus” podcast is a collection of interviews with people from many different faith backgrounds sharing on their relationship to Jesus. These interviews are deeply inspiring, often outside the box of typical religion and so very practical for our everyday living with Christ. Our goal is to become more loving, happy and free through the understanding and application of Jesus’s True Message. Enjoy these interviews, I love having these conversations so much!


“This course is a Mind Training course. Good students assign study periods to themselves.” 
– A Course in Miracles

Come Study With Us!

Online A Course in Miracles Study Group

  • We are going through the 31 Chapters of A Course in Miracles Together in our online study group.
  • We are currently reading from the Circle of Atonement [CE] version of A Course in Miracles, but it does not matter what version you use.
  • We meet twice a month. All gatherings are recorded and free.
  • You are welcome anytime 🙂

“As far as class feedback, Marci and I both agree that it’s only positive.  You are a wonderful class leader and facilitator, as obvious from having such engaged participants.  You truly are gifted and talented at what you do.  What is most valuable to us is the heart-centered, peaceful, happy and joyous space you reside in and share with us all. “

“You will yet come together in my name and your sanity
will be restored.” – Jesus / A Course in Miracles

Learn to heal yourself so you can help others to heal…

Heal With Me

I have been a Spiritual Psychotherapist since 2011 and Hypnotherapist/Coach since 2009.

In our sessions together we let Spirit direct what we need to see, discuss and undo. We navigate the messiness of ego together and come out to greet the light within for true healing and release. We focus on learning to listen to guidance and accepting ones function in Gods Plan. All sessions include a recording of our call and practical homework to apply.

“True Health is inner Peace” – A Course in Miracles

Whole & Healthy Kitchen

Cook an Eat like you Love Your Self

Whole and Healthy Kitchen was born out of my own healing and transformation with food. I went from obsessive binge eating to having a healthy and happy relationship to cooking and food. Whole and Healthy Kitchen has evolved into an online education service that helps stay at home parents and entrepreneurs learn how to embrace Acceptance & Love for Self as they learn to cook wholesome meals everyday.  Learn more about my work, and my Kitchen Alchemy Course by visiting my website.

“God comes to those who would restore His world, for they have found a way to call to him.
If any two are joined, He must be there.” – A Course in Miracles Psychotherapy Pamphlet

Service & Technology

MakeShyft R.D.A

Tom and I are co-founders of our company MakeShyft. R.D.A. We are a Research, Development and Application company that specializes in the interconnection between service & technology. We are currently working on the development of various software tools and educational initiatives which aim to advance vital aspects of human life.

Visit our Website to see what is current and on the front-burner for us as well as our long-range projects and over-arching goals.

A Course in Miracles is a Mind Training Course 
that helps us to become more Joyful, Kind and Christ-like.

Sparkly ACIM

Many know that this was the version given me by my now Life Partner Tom Glod in 2010, right after I had my very non religious experience with Jesus where He told me He would give me what I need to heal and help others to heal. I took this as the answer to my prayers and became totally committed to its teachings immediately and took Jesus as my only teacher of it from the very beginning. Living with Tom almost every day since he gave this to me, we have been studying together and applying it in our relationship. 

Through a series of events and miracles I am now the president of the Borderland Foundation, which is the publisher and distributor of the Sparkly A Course in Miracles, and Tom is on the Board with me along with others. 

The Sparkly edition of A Course In Miracles is the original edit that was entrusted and tasked to Bill Thetford, the co-scribe of the Course, by the Author Jesus. Sparkly has also become known as the Thetford edition or the Hugh Lynn Cayce (HLC) edition.

“A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another.
It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself.” – Sparkly A Course in Miracles