Sparkly Edition of A Course in Miracles

The Sparkly or Thetford edition was originally printed in order to make the initial edit of A COURSE IN MIRACLES availableThis version of A Course In Miracles, (published after the same guidance to fulfill this task was given to four individuals independently), acknowledges and honors Bill, (William N. Thetford, Ph.D), for his role as editor of the original scribed material and for his willingness to faithfully carry out his allotted task, as he was directed to do so by the author, the Christ Mind of Jesus of Nazareth through the scribe of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Helen Schuman, Ph.D.

It is our mission at the Borderland Foundation to GIVE the A Course in Miracles Sparkly edition away to anyone who wants one. We believe they are gifts from Jesus to us, and should be made available freely to all. Our current print one has been entirely supported by generous donators!  Get a Free Sparkly, or Give a Sparkly to another. Pay only for shipping!

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The notes began with the promise, “You will see miracles through your hands through Me.”

As Helen received the dictation she wrote it down… some in longhand and some in her own personalized version of shorthand. Helen would read Bill her notes, often being given further dictation as she read to Bill. Bill would type out the notes including the extra verbal dictation given.

This dictation given through Helen by Jesus and including Helen’s responses and reactions to his thought, were included in Bill’s original typed text which came to be known as the Urtext.

Throughout the period of time it took for Jesus to complete his discourse and instructions which became the published version of A Course In Miracles, the communication between Jesus and Helen contained not only direction for the generalized Course but also clarification and very personal information, guidance and instruction.

The nature of this personal communication and direction is seen in these notes.

Jesus offers Helen constant reassurance as he gently addresses and corrects her own personal perceptual disorders, fears and guilt while also addressing those of man and mankind in general.

We are blessed with the ability and direction to make the first 8 chapters of the unabridged notes of Helen Schucman available in printed form. It will stand alone in its significance and will also serve as a companion to any edition of A Course In Miracles.

The notes show us, the loving and corrective nature of Jesus in his relationship with Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course In Miracles and Bill Thetford, who helped Helen make ACIM available to the world. They demonstrate not only that a very real and personal relationship with both Jesus and the Holy Spirit, is available to us but that no matter what state of mind we seem to be in, upon our invitation, HE and his love for us is always at hand.

For those not familiar with A Course In Miracles, in 1965 two Columbia University, NY, research psychologists, Dr’s Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman, tired of the dysfunction which permeated their personal and professional relationships, agreed there must be “a better way.”

Approximately four months later, an “inner Voice” heard by and identified by Helen as the voice of Jesus, said, “This is a course in miracles. Please take notes.” Helen, shaken by this event, asked Bill for advice. To his credit, Bill counselled her to do just that, suggesting they both review and discuss the material given together.


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My Role with Sparkly

By now most of you know my story. When Jesus came to me for the first time, He promised that He would bring me the Way to follow Him. Within a week He brought me A Course in Miracles Sparkly Edition. Having Jesus’ name on the cover, having Soul included in the first few chapters and having the book be all sparkly and bright like I am, I knew this was Jesus’ direct answer to me.

The first keepers and distributors of the ACIM Sparkly edition were Ted Poppe. Christopher Somers, Adele Somers, Annie Liley and many other dedicated Souls.  Several days before Ted passed away in February 2022, I interviewed him about A Course in Miracles and His part in bringing Sparkly to our world for the Documentary I an doing. After which, He and Annie approached myself and my partner, Tom, about whether we would be prepared to take over as keepers and distributors of the Sparkly edition…of course we said “Yes!” 🙂

So, we are currently arranging a new printing of the ACIM Sparkly edition, expected to be complete in Winter of 2022.  Tom and I will be shipping the new volume direct from our home in Canada to those in Canada, with hubs to deliver from the US and Australia. We are eager to bring the Course to a whole new generation of ACIM students.

person holding space gray iPhone X

We are also working on an A Course in Miracles App called “ACIM Spark”. It will have daily lesson reminders, the ability to highlight and take notes, as well as some special features that do not exist on any other ACIM app available on the market. There will be a free version, and a paid version. Currently this App is available for WIndows users. IOS / Apple users will receive their App soon.