Coaching / Therapy Services

I approach coaching/ therapy from the perspective of our immutable eternal shared reality. I see YOU, the whole person, the perfect Soul, yet we navigate the muddy waters of the ego together. We let the Light shine on even the darkest places, bringing reinterpretation, release and ultimately healing and peace to you and those around you.

I know I am the conduit, the vessel, the channel for healing…but not the healer itself. The healer is in YOUR mind…I just help you get in touch with it as I have learned to get in touch with it in my own mind/heart. 

When you get in touch with this inner healer, you are also in touch with the Love that made you. It is then impossible not to bring this Love into everything you think, say and do here, including the daily tasks of cooking, parenting, all  relationships and ultimately to our world.
You are worthy of health and healing now. 

“No one is sent by accident to anyone.
Relationships are always purposeful.
Whoever comes has been sent.”
– A Course in Miracles

My Mission:

My mission is to increase the quality of health and happiness on our planet by educating parents and souls on how to connect to their heart, change their mind and care for their overall emotional and physical wellbeing, so they can best serve others with Purpose, Gratitude & Joy. 

My Credentials for Therapy and Coaching are:

1)  14 years experience as a Life/Mindset/Therapeutic Coach combined with Spiritual Psychotherapy. I have worked both in a clinical setting and in my own private practice. The therapy I am trained in is from the Psychotherapy Pamphlet- a supplement from A Course in Miracles Through guided communication and prayer we shift and heal not only our mental attitudes and emotions, but our physical wellness and relationships too.”
2) A Course in Miracles – I have been a teacher of ACIM, directed by Jesus/Christ since 2010. As I teach I learn.
3) Hypnotherapy – Certified through the NGH: National Guild of Hypnotism with Debbie Papadakis from the Hypno-Healing Institute with the focus on understanding the Subconscious mind and the power of thought / suggestion to heal ones self. 

“The Holy Spirit is the  ONLY  Therapist. He will tell you  EXACTLY  what to do to help  ANYONE  He sends to you for help, and will speak to him through you, if you do not  interfere.”     – A Course in Miracles T.9.3

I offer 20 minute free therapy/coaching/ communication calls. My heart and time is open to you to be most helpful in the way that you need it. If you are feeling inspired to connect with me, click the button below. 
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“Psychotherapy is the only form of therapy there is. Since only the  mind can be sick,
only the mind can be healed. Only the mind is in need of healing.”  
–A Course in Miracles: Psychotherapy Pamphlet