Miracles of Mind Youtube Channel

365 Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles

I began the Miracles of Mind YouTube channel back in 2010. I was doing my course lessons and meditating daily, and during one of my meditation moments I was told I was to share my day to day experiences with mind training and the application of  A Course in Miracles principles to my life on youtube.  I would literally wake up out of bed in the morning, turn on the camera and let the inspiration soar. I found it helpful to share my experience with others, and have them relate to my mind training, to show us both that we can learn how to be happy and free, together. 


In January 2013, I was given the inner and outer guidance to read and record a Daily Lesson from the Workbook Lessons in A Course in Miracles every day, for 365 days. 

It was a blessing to be able to include others in the process of applying the lessons to my own mind everyday, and to give whatever wisdom was given me to share each day. I found out that even though I was sharing on the lessons and documenting my experiences with them on camera, it was Jesus who was teaching me how to think and see every step of the way. I am forever grateful to have said yes to the first step with this commitment. It has yielded only blessings and gratitude and growth towards God and Truth. I now do my best to live the principles of A Course in Miracles in my daily life, in my relationships and in my mind and heart. Thus far, I am enjoying the fruits of joy, true connection, creativity, brotherhood and love. I am experiencing a Love so deep, and so consistent that I know this life and work cannot be anything but God.  I am so grateful to have a platform to publicly proclaim: “God is Good and He is Only Loves… therefore He Loves you and welcomes you Home, Now, in Happiness and in Peace.”

My YouTube Channel

Throughout this channel I now have over 650 videos documenting the process of my awakening mind.
I am continuing to document my life and the expansion of tools and gifts that have been given me to give.

I am grateful to have shared along the way and grateful to be sharing now. My heart beats forever in gratitude to everyone who has joined in this journey with me. Thank you Beautiful Souls! I love you all so much. 

“To Have Peace, Teach Peace to Learn it.” ~ A Course in Miracles T6