In late 2021 I was given inner guidance to start recording conversations with people about their relationship to Jesus.
I knew I wanted to speak with those who have had experiences with Jesus that are “outside the box” of typical religion.

Through these conversations I have come to see that when we truly know Jesus, His message is the same, no matter what our religion, holy book or background. Jesus shows up for each of us with a different flavor or melody which is catered to the individual, but he has the same recognizable heart, message and deep peace expressing itself through us all. 

So far we have heard from: Christian Pastors, a Catholic Franciscan, Spiritual Ministers, a Jewish Rabbi, a Rastafarian,  a Mormon, a Roman Catholic, a Teacher of Ancient Indian Spirituality, an Evangelical Christian, a Process Theologian, Urantian teachers, an Ordained Minister, many A Course in Miracles Teachers/students and many more to come.

If you know of any one else from any faith background who lives /works with Jesus, let me know.
I would be honored to talk about a potential interview with them (or you!)!

Living with Jesus Podcast is on YouTube!

Explore some of the Episodes:​

Pastor Norm

Minister Pato Banton: Reggae Artist

kiron J | ACIM Teacher

Kate Stone: HeartSpeak School

Carolina Corada: Ibiza Enlight Festival

Manuela Tornow: Meditation & A Course in Miracles Teacher

Bernd Eickhoff | A Course in Miracles

Dario Nalis: Buddhism & Catholic & ACIM

Richard Mcguire: Voice for the Real World

Ben Bowler: Unity Earth

Gabriel Rymberg - Jesus Metaverse

Rev. Ann-Marie Marchant

Herrick Muhlestein: Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Patrick Carolan: Catholic and Fransician

Cole Knazovicky: Teacher of Feelings and A Course in Miracles

Mary Dwyer | Centering Prayer Roman Catholic

Emily Bennington | Executive Director of CE A Course in Miracles

Robert Perry | Founder of CE A Course in Miracles

Angie Thurston - Spiritual Growth Facilitator & Urantian

Gabriel Hagai | Orthodox Rabbi, Jewish Faith

Brother Josh Wilson - Jesus Revolution / Leader of the movement in the 70s

Brian Mclaren - American pastor, author, speaker, and leading figure in the emerging church movement

Jim Palmer - Founder of the Center for Non-Religious Spirituality and author of 6 critically acclaimed books.

Manuel Martin Guruji Ancient India's Spirituality and ACIM

Many More Episodes are found on Youtube!

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