About Britney Shawley, B.A

Spiritual Teacher + Psychotherapist, Coach, Founder of Whole and Healthy Kitchen and Makeshyft, Mom and Student/Teacher of A Course in Miracles

My Past Experience:

I was in a place where negative emotions dictated my decisions.
X I feared failure and cared a lot about what others thought about me
X I felt alone with no compass to guide me.

X  I was addicted to binge-eating and overweight
I felt unworthy, and suffered through a series of hurtful relationships.
My body image was persistently negative, and I could not see how to change this.
X  Amidst this, I did not value self-care in any form.

My Present Experience:

✅ Holy Spirit runs my life and makes my decisions, because I ask Him too.
✅ I now know I cannot fail and that my worth is established by God, not others.

✅ I process my emotions and have a healthy and free relationship to food. 
✅ I live in purpose alongside my holy-partner Tom with our baby girl Ella.
✅ I am stable in my emotions and sincerely healthy, happy and free.
✅I have accepted my Self and am fulfilling my special function in Gods Plan.
✅ I have a consistent self care routine & mind training practice that help me focus on the Truth of Love instead of fear.
✅My life and relationships have been radically transformed

What Changed?

The suffering in my relationships, including the one with myself, men and food, became unbearable for me.

I knew I needed another way, and so I asked/prayed for it. I rendered everything else useless, and to my surprise, I received the answer to my prayers.

With consistent mind training, forgiveness, guidance from Jesus in A Course in Miracles and stepping out of the way, God has come into the space I left vacant for Him in my heart and mind. He has filled me with so much love, so much gratitude, so much clarity and purpose.  It is a joy to do what I am asked to do so each day, in part because I get to meet beautiful souls like you! If you resonate with me, I am sure I will resonate with you too… I welcome you to join my community and connect with me. Sign-Up for my Newsletter.

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