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Power of Forgiveness Workshop

I remember when I first met Tom, he was working on writing a Pamphlet, or Manual of sorts that was supposed to be the guide to a Forgiveness Workshop. I thought the idea was fascinating, and I was even more intrigued when he told me that each forgiveness workshop must be hosted by two people. 

This workshop is a gift, a practical tool for people to learn how to forgive and offer forgiveness.  We have the workshop available below. It is not to make money but to offer healing. 

Tom and I have done many Power of Forgiveness Workshops together, but have not held one for many many years. If there were enough people asking us about it, we would host one on zoom or in person for you all. 

Contact me here and let me know if you want us to host one or email me at


The Power of Forgiveness Workshop Manual

We did our first Forgiveness Workshop together in 2013 /2014