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Power of Forgiveness Workshop

Tom and I have done many Power of Forgiveness Workshops over the years. 
Not as much since Ella was born, but are ready to offer them again. 🙂

This workshop teaches the POWER of Forgiveness. 
It reminds us that forgiveness is a tool we can use to help purify our mind and restore us to peace.
It shows us how this is so.
This workshop is designed to be taught by two people, as a demonstration of the one mind and shared vision with those that serve God/Love and forgive. Any two who have a testimony of forgiveness and feel the call to serve, can give and teach this workshop. It is a gift we have brought forward for anyone to use, to give, to heal with and benefit from. 

If you feel called to be part of a Forgiveness workshop or host one, we are happy to offer one in your area (if you are local or we are travelling) or online via a private zoom room.

To book a time you can contact me
here or email me at

The Power of Forgiveness Workshop Manual