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Psychotherapy Pamphlet: Purpose, Process and Practice

A Course in Miracles: Psychotherapy Pamphlet
~Purpose, Process and Practice~

​I am grateful to share the Psychotherapy Pamphlet: Purpose, Process and Practice with all of you. It is a powerful tool that teaches us the proper perception of Psychotherapy, specifically in regards to the therapist/patient dynamic; but its wisdom can also be applied to all relationship.

I have shared it here for learning and for study. It encompasses many aspects of how to heal our minds and correct the original error, as well as the importance of intra-personal relationships founded in equality, in order to have this healing/correction of mind be a permanent one.

I am thankful to all who were part of the Foundation for Inner Peace and the process of bringing this document to publication. I trust that all who are involved will value the learning and sharing of this gift. Thank you also to the author, Jesus 🙂

” Awake and be glad, for all your sins have been forgiven you.
This is the only message that any two should ever give each other. “

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