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The Total Commitment and Travels through California


I wanted to share this video here, as I recorded it while Tom and I were still living/travelling in California in 2014. At this time we were staying with a dear friend Tom Vargas just outside LA.

At this time I was maybe 6 weeks pregnant and we were at a crossroad. Do we continue to trust God, fly by the seat of our pants and travel, like we were doing for the previous 3 years? Or do we book a plane ticket home to Canada and start preparing to have a kid?


Well, when I prayed about this question my answer was to record a video called “The Total Commitment” from ACIM for my Youtube family. It was my way of dedicating my self, again, to God and telling Him and all the world that I am totally committed to His Will, even though I am pregnant with a baby and travelling with almost no money in the bank (but always having exactly what we need, with plenty)

Making this video served as the catalyst for our next adventure to Merced California, where we lived with a Family of 6.  Rex Eastman answered the call to this video and invited Tom and I to his shop. He said his place had no toilet, but it had a bed, was clean and an adventure. We both instantly connected with Rex and felt his heart and purity. I wanted to go. I wanted to follow this guidance, even if I am being told there is no toilet! Tom got on his knees, looked me in the eyes and wanted to make sure I wanted this decision. He affirmed that we did not have to say yes to this.  But I wanted to say yes, so I said yes with a whole heart as I knew it was the answer from God as to where we were to go next.


It just so happened that his wife, Jane, had a car show (they bought old VW’s, fixed them up and sold them along with merch at VW shows) which was only 15 minutes from where we were at our friend Tom’s place. Tom took us with his truck and our things to Jane at her show.

When she saw me, she knew me from Youtube and was happy and grateful we were there and not just another “hippie traveler” 🙂  We really bonded over those few hours, and on the way back to her place she bought us Fish Taco’s and then asked us if we wanted to stay in her home, with her kids… and not at Rex’s shop. I said of course, as we would have our our bed and bedroom and bathroom, and lots of love and opportunity to be a mom before being a mom. It was perfect!! It was the most perfect place to be to have my belly grow with a baby, my heart to grow in love for this family and Tom, and my gratitude went through the roof for God and His Perfect Plan!!   We stayed with them for 6 months until we went back to Canada and to my friends and family to bring Ella into the world.

Here is the video that continued our travelling adventures.

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