Christ vs Christian: The Stark Differences

I met with a born again Christian this week and interviewed him for my Living With Jesus Series on Youtube. I must say, it was the least inspiring conversation so far. It honestly left me feeling so sad for the brothers and sisters who are caught in this belief system. I literally had to let tears roll down my face to release the intensity of it all.

I wavered not in my faith, I was thinking however about all those who don’t yet have a relationship with Christ and if they were to ever run into a born again Christian in this way…it could be very destabilizing and even harmful. 

I was inspired this morning to clarify why there is a difference between when we follow Christ, versus when we follow Christianity. We can follow Christ (over theology) as a Christian, and I know mannyyyy who are this way. Including others who I have interviewed for Living with Jesus. But there are definitely those Christians, more of an evangelical or born again nature, and they seem to be far on one side of Christian putting theology ahead of Christ.  ** If you have more differences to add to this list, or questions to ask, please contribute to the conversation in the comments below. 

Here are a few of the stark differences when following Christ vs being “born again” Christian:

Christ says: 
Love your neighbor as your Self. 
Christian’s say: 
Love your neighbor, but also tell them they are on the wrong path if they don’t believe the bible 100% . Preach to them about the bible until they fear that they are wrong and convert.
Christ says: 
You are forgiven, no matter the mistake.  “I have taken the sins of the world away”. 
Christian’s say: 
Your only forgiven if you repent each day, follow the bible to a tee and do good deeds in His name, then when you die you will find out if you are truly forgiven (or not)
Christ says: 
You are child of God who is Loved and whom our Father is well pleased.
Christian’s say: 
You are a sinner. Repent. (And maybe, just maybe, you’re an adopted child of God)
Christ says: 
The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and is here and now. 
Christian’s say: 
You *might* be judged as worthy of going to heaven when you die but your surely going to hell if you don’t believe in the bible and the Jesus of the bible. 
Christ says: 
These and greater things shall you do.  
Christian’s say: 
Your a false prophet. Your doing evil deeds led by the devil. 
Christ says: 
Holy Spirit within you is the Word and will discern for you between truth and illusion, love and fear. 
Christian’s say: 
The Word is the Bible. And everything in the bible is true. 
I could go on and on. 
But this is enough for now. 
It’s clear that Christ and Christianity are not the same. 
One is a direct relationship. 
One is indoctrination.
One leads to love. 
One leads to fear.
One is a present experience
One is of past conditioning. 
Christ can be found in the bible, but so can so many things that contradict Christ.

We must think about this and choose wisely.

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With Love, 


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