A Course in Miracles: How do I begin?

“A Course In Miracles is a self-study course in three parts: a text, a workbook, and a manual for teachers. Its basic hypothesis is that we are conditioned from birth to a limited way of perceiving and our “understanding” of life is a product of past conditioning. Practicing the workbook lessons undoes our negative, unhelpful, inaccurate view of people, situations, and events, resulting in a different perception of the world. As Course practice proceeds, the fearful ideas we have learned are systematically replaced with an alternative viewpoint—happier, more spiritual, and all-encompassing. Later lessons are designed to evoke a direct spiritual experience and greater love for self and others. “ – Carol Howe, Forget Not to Laugh

How to begin the Workbook Lessons?

⭐There are 365 workbook lessons, one to apply everyday of the year.  Each lesson takes anywhere between 2 minutes to 15 minutes to read and apply. In the introduction to the Workbook,  it says that a theoretical foundation is necessary and will make these lessons meaningful, but “it is these exercises that will make the goal possible”. Because the workbook is divided into two sections, first dealing, it is not unlikely that you will be met with some resistance in doing this Course. It is okay if you resist, it is okay if you do not like, you do not even have to understand it. All that is asked of you it to keep applying it and remain open to a power greater than yourself to teach you from within.

  • Begin with reading the introduction to the lessons thoroughly
  • Each lesson contains instructions for how to apply it.
  • Follow those instructions as closely as possible each day.
  • Apply your lesson of the day anytime you feel a loss of peace. Your life will bring to you opportunities TO apply the lesson for the day so begin to notice those opportunities/difficulties as times for you to apply the lesson.
  • If you miss a day or two, or you did not apply the lesson as well as you would have liked, it is ok to repeat that lesson the next day.
  • But it is encouraged that you never do more than 1 lesson a day.
  • Set reminders in your phone to help you remember to apply your lesson.
    -An ACIM App is coming to help with this. Sign up for my Newsletter if you want to be notified when it is launched. 

How do I start the Textbook?

⭐The Textbook is compiled of 31 chapters and is meant to be read slowly and mindfully to complement the lessons.  The textbook is the foundation of this course and all the lessons are to help you to experience what this textbook is pointing too. 

  • When it comes to reading the Textbook, feel free to flip through it at first and get a “feel” for it. I find passages will often jump out at me and speak to me directly and personally when I ask to be shown and I open it randomly.
  • Reading the textbook from beginning to end is most beneficial. 
  • It can seem daunting because there is so much to read, but take your time line by line. 
  • If you come across something you don’t understand pause within, and then ask for guidance by saying “what does this mean” then listen, and see what comes to you. 
  • The author of the Course is Jesus, it was scribed through Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford in 1968. You do not have to believe this Course is authored by Jesus to benefit greatly from it. But you can ask Him for help when you need it.
  •  In chapter three it tells us that “Good students assign study periods“. It is advised that we set up study periods for ourselves each week to ensure we work our way through the workbook and the textbook in a timely fashion. 

Additional Helpful Resources

💠I created videos for all 365 Lessons from a Course in Miracles in 2013. I simply turned on my camera and shared what I was experiencing with the lesson that day. They are timeless videos and could really help with your studies, if you are guided to them. Find all videos for ACIM lessons here and here. 
💠Join our ACIM Workbook Study Group on Facebook. We support each other in our journey through the work book. All of the lessons are listed under GUIDES for easy access. You will see many students have participated in there. Feel free to comment on those posts, share your experiences with us and ask any questions. There are no wrong questions.  Join us
💠If you want assistance with the Textbook, we meet two times a month to read together. Sign up for our free textbook study group and you will receive all the past recordings and future invites to study with us. Sign up here.
You can
Sign up for my Newsletter  to receive constant updates and helpful content and support for your ACIM Journey, from me personally! 👋
💠If you need or want a Sparkly Thetford Edition of A Course in Miracles you can do so by 
ordering a book for free here: www.theborderlandfoundation.com

  • These books are given as gifts to the world. They are free and already been paid for through kind and generous donators.
  • We ask only that you cover the cost of shipping (about $7 USD)
  • If you would like to donate to future print runs of this sparkly version, you can do so at the above website as well. 
  • If you find any difficulty ordering or donating on the website email me: britney@miraclesofmind.ca

Have I missed anything? Do you have any more questions? Let me know in the comments below.

May peace and happiness dawn on every mind and extend through us to bless the world with miracles 


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Dave Maybee
Dave Maybee
1 year ago

Hi Britney. Thank you for all you do. I have found motivation in your words often that has led me back into regular study of the Course.
Do you find it ideal, as someone who had spent a lit of time with it, to start from the very beginning of the lessons, or moreso to randomly turn to one, as you suggest for the text? I want to dig into it again, as I have off and on for 20 years. But not sure how best to approach it.
I have a feeling you’ll say “ask for guidance” and you would be right.

With gratitude for you and recognition of our non-separatenesss.

Rev. Jim White
Rev. Jim White
1 year ago

I appreciate the wonderful job you’re doing in spreading the word about ACIM!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Britney Shawley. I write and make videos to help  people to choose peace in every situation. I aim to demonstrate the practicality of Love and miracles in my everyday life and work, so that you can do so too. Thank You for being here. 



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