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I have been doing the the Living with Jesus Series on YouTube for a few months now. Its been an incredible experience watching Jesus bring to me the people that He wants to share His testimony. Its been so incredibly fun, inspiring and joyful.  Recently I interviewed a few brothers, Gabriel Rymberg and Ben Bowler. Ben is the inspiration and initiator of World Unity Week and also helping to bring 99 Day of Peace through Unity to our world. I encourage you to check out all of his initiatives. 

After I met these brothers, before I knew what their projects were fully about I was meditating and communing with Jesus. I asked him what he wants me to do next. In my mind I saw my Self seated at a roundtable with many brothers and sisters from many different faiths and backgrounds there as well. I felt how important a conversation like this would be, where we all share our testimonies passionately, demonstrating Jesus Loves everyone from all different religions and walks of life.  I really wanted to be apart of a roundtable like this 

Two days later Gabriel reached out to me and asked if I wanted to speak at the Jesus RoundTable that will be offered at part of World Unity Week. Of course I said yes!!!! They also used the format of the questions I ask in my Living of Jesus series for this conversation. It was an incredible experience. I met some truly beautiful souls, many of whom touched my heart deeply. I think you will enjoy this talk we shared, and be inspired by their testimonies. If you do enjoy this talk, please leave a comment below on YouTube and let us know. 

With great gratitude, 

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Welcome to my blog. My name is Britney Shawley. I write and make videos to help  people to choose peace in every situation. I aim to demonstrate the practicality of Love and miracles in my everyday life and work, so that you can do so too. Thank You for being here. 



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