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Why We Worry…

It takes a curious mind to want to look at WHY we worry. In A Course in Miracles we are told that we are “never upset (worried) for the reason we think” and all things we see (at first) come from “the past”.

Its important to realize this, because when we are upset or worried, we can 1) apply new thoughts when we do catch ourselves worrying and 2) We can remember that this  “worry” is trying to solve a problem in the past, but the worry is not the problem itself.

The worry is our way of focusing on something other than the problem. The worry distracts us. It seems to justify other actions that numb our pain and keep us away from looking at the worry.

Worry seems so normal in this world that we don’t look at it. We think that its just part of life.  But let me tell you….. worry is not normal. Its the opposite of normal. Just because it is widely experienced in an “insane” society does not make it “normal” What is truly normal and natural is trust and faith. But the trust in something greater than ourselves to help us out, and the faith that there will be an answer to our worries when we have trust in a higher power. 

In learning to cultivate trust and faith we will (eventually) be guided by Love, all the time, and not left alone without knowing what to do and so worry and fear lead the way. We can always trust love. But first we must re-learn what Love is, so that we can have trust in it and re-learn worry so we can deal with the problems underneath, heal and move on worry-free. 

We worry because we are afraid of and don’t know how to deal with the problems laying underneath the worry. But its okay, there is a way, but this way involves a few steps. 

5 helpful perspectives on and approaches to Worry:

1) Its okay to worry. It is also okay to look at the worry and see what it is covering underneath. Ask: What was one of the first times I experiences something that really was something to be worried or sad about it? And how did I deal with the worry and sad? (If your anything like me, its not good. I did not handle worry and sad well in my little mind and self that had no tools to deal with it. When the worry comes up its ok, because its just pointing to a memory that needs to be forgiven and released. In mind and nervous system ) 
2) Look at what its covering and feel it. Ask: What does it have to say? What is this here to teach me?
3) Gleam the One Step that you can do to follow through with the answers you received in #2. The rest of the steps will follow after this One Step. 
4) Be not afraid to ask from your heart for help from the Love (of God) within you and around you. Ask others for help, too When you ask, you will receive.
5) Let yourself receive. You are worthy of receiving. But be sure to trust the process…. and when you need help and ask for help, trust what comes. Even if you don’t “like” it. Try it on. Let it in.  

P.s Here is another helpful and powerful perspective on “Why We Worry”. This Article was introduced to me by Tim Ferriss. Read this article if you feel like you need to always need to be worrying about something. Whether its worrying about the kids, the weather, the news, the neighbors. Worry is Worry.

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