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How to Train Your Mind and Make Better Decisions

When we are working to develop ourselves and become more conscious beings and parents, the most important part (and often most forgotten part) is mind training.

Our mind is our power. Our mind is Cause. Our thoughts create things. What we think, matters. Not just what we consciously think, but what we subconsciously think.

When we have not trained our mind to hear only one voice (holy spirit / love) we are listening to a split mind, the trauma filled mind, that in psychological terms is called ego. The ego chirps loud and first. Ego makes decisions either out of fear or out of resistance against something it doesn’t want. But because ego is limited in its perception, and does not see the whole picture and everything involved, it is often wrong, and takes that “hard way” unnecessarily.

When we make decisions out of fear or resistance, it persists. Which keeps the cycle of struggling, uncertainty, and painful experiences alive for us and those around us.

To avoid unneeded pain and unnecessary repetitive mistakes, … we need to train our mind.

Sometimes we need some tools to simplify things in our minds and lives.  Tools we can apply every day that can begin towoman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chest strengthen our faith and conviction in the benefit and power of mind training. 

Our goal with mind training is to cultivate a natural pause within oneself so we can respond instead of react, so we can do as guided instead of controlling everything all the time.  We want to live in a state of ease and grace and guidance that leads to health and happiness in self and relationships. This comes only through mind training.

As we train our mind we start to shift from being rigid worrying and on defense, to embodying Truth and Freedom in our hearts, and living life in happiness with self and others everyday.

If we want this, then its time to step back, step aside and allow a new and more conscious and collaborative approach to mind training be had.

Here are some questions that I recommend you ask yourself all through out the day, whenever you remember to do so, so that cultivate mind training, inner listening and thus inner peace. 

  1. What am I thinking about?
    This question allows you to Pause and Observe. When you pause, listen and observe you can see and hear what you are thinking about, which creates distance between you and your thoughts. This distance is so important because you realize you are “not your thoughts” but in fact you are the “observer” to your thoughts. This observer/higher perspective puts you in the position of decision maker, so that eventually you can choose what thoughts you want to think instead of just being governed by past thoughts.

    When you LOOK at ego, is when you automatically shine light on it and make it OK. When it’s OK to have a shadow side (instead of shaming yourself for it) you are more likely to be gentle with yourself and let ego be undone naturally, as the thought illusions that it is, instead of clinging tightly to it through guilt or fear or shame. 

When you become aware of what you are thinking, you need not judge the thoughts as good or bad, or right or wrong. Just observe. See the thoughts. Say thank you, then let them pass on by. Each day commit to asking this question and observing your thoughts without judgment.

Each day commit to asking this question and observing your thoughts with out judgement. 

2. I wonder what my next thought will be?
This question allows you to pause and observe, but even more deeply than the first question. Now you are finding comfort resting in the space between thoughts. It’s in this space, where reason and peace and true clarity can rise. But you first have to find yourself in the space between thoughts, so that new thoughts can arise and take root in your mind.
Ask this question as often as you can, all through the day. Sometimes journaling out what thoughts come after you pause and listen….. can be really helpful. Oftentimes, when we pause and be still, answers to our questions can come and we can see things anew. We can capture these insights and visions on paper, to build our faith in what comes in the space between thoughts.

3. What would I like to think about?
Now instead of just observing what you’re thinking, or observing what you could potentially think, now you are DECIDING for what you want to think. This is where your power as Soul, as decision maker, becomes activated. Now you are not left at the whim of your first/past/ego thoughts, you are actively deciding what you want to think.

This is a way of reprogramming your mind, and leading your mind or ruling your mind, instead of it ruling or leading you.

Be sure to know that even you have a guide in this, the guide of Spirit, of Love… and you are simply ‘allowing’ things to happen, you are willing for things to happen, you are creating space and time for this reprogramming of mind to happen. But it is not you who does anything. It’s happening through you. Your job is to not interfere.

4. From here, you can Do as Guided.
Now that you are reprogramming your mind for what you want to think about (and what you want to feel) you will be guided, led and inspired to act so that you may reach the outcome of that which you want. But do not wait to act. Do not wait for inspiration. Think about what you want, and do ONE thing to reach that goal. Start small, start with one step. But you will not always feel like cooking. You will not always feel like cleaning or doing self care. But you have too. You have to take days off too! But most of the time, especially at first, you have to push yourself to do what you do not want to do… until it becomes a habit. So do not “wait” for inspiration. BE the inspiration, TAKE the action steps and THEN watch the flow of your intentions begin to pulse through your veins and illuminate you mind and bring to you great joy, gratitude and peace.

Peace be with you my friend. 

With Love, 

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