The Resurrection Reinterpreted | A Course in Miracles

During Easter this year I was inspired to bring my voice to the teachings on the Resurrection that are found in A Course in Miracles. These teachings come from Jesus of Nazareth, and scribed through Helen  Schucman in the late 1960’s. When we look to these teachings in the Course it is clear they come from Jesus but it is also clear that they are clearing up confusion around what Jesus’ resurrection meant and what it means today about us! These teachings are Radical and absolutely illuminating and freeing when we let them in to our hearts and minds. If you watch this video and find value in it, please share with me in the comments what you received from these teachings. 

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Welcome to my blog. My name is Britney Shawley. I write and make videos to help  people to choose peace in every situation. I aim to demonstrate the practicality of Love and miracles in my everyday life and work, so that you can do so too. Thank You for being here. 



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