Top 25 Most Empowering Quotes from A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a 3 part 1340 page Course on Mind Training and Forgiveness. It is a potent tool for spiritual growth and self discovery, but its power lies not in the book itself, but the Source of the book. The source is Jesus of Nazareth  who communicated through the Christ Mind in Dr. Helen Schucman. Helen scribed what she heard for 7 long years to bring to us A Course in Miracles.  This endeavor began in 1965 and could not have happened with out the joining for a “better way” between Dr. Bill Thetford and Dr. Helen Schucman.

From this miracle of joining, came the miracle of A Course in Miracles! 

Below I have compiled my top 25 (PLUS) quotes so I could share them with you and you can be empowered by them. There are many more quotes that could have been chosen, this decision was not easy. 🙂

⭐ What are some of your most empowering ACIM quotes? Share them with us in the comments!! 🙂  and/or which one from what I wrote here was your favorite too!

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